I am sure you heard someone say the phrase: “I have a lot on my plate right now.”

Well today after looking at my personal blog and realizing that I have done what I tell my clients to never do, which is neglect or blog. I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you what’s been keeping me busy.

What’s on my plate?

  • Managing Wonderful Life’s online brand – A few months ago I told you out a website I made for them. Well now I am also handling their online presence. This is a lot of work since it entails keeping the blog updated, interacting with Facebook, Twitter, and keeping up with customer service via email. It takes up a large chunk of my plate at the moment.
  • Updating my various blogs – Even though this blog was neglected doesn’t mean that my other blogs were. Trying to keep my Bacon, iPhone gaming, and Startup blogs with fresh content is a lot of work.
  • Managing my own online brand – With keeping my sites updated, it also means I have to keep my online presence for each site updated too.
  • Freelancing – This takes priority over my personal projects so when you see one of my blogs start to post less frequently, it’s probably because I have an exciting new project.
  • Event Planning – This time of year I put my event planners hat on and plan the biggest bacon event in Pittsburgh called Bacon Bash. It takes a lot of work to put on a great event. Every year it gets a little easier.

There’s always room for more bacon.

I am always getting better at what I do so I can eventually start to add new things to my plate all the time. For Example I now have keeping my social networks updated down to science so I could add managing Wonderful Life brand to my plate without overcrowding it. The same can go for updating and writing blog content too.

So don’t read this post and think, “Wow this guy is so busy how could he do anything more.” I can always find time to work on freelance projects. Plus I am always getting more efficient as I gain more projects to take on and complete.

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