Wonderful Life Clothing (WL) is a brand co-founded by a long time friend of mine, Matt Gondek. He is known for creating some of the coolest band shirts. If you in to new hardcore music, chances are you own or have seen a shirt design by him. So when he asked me to design his new clothing brands website I gladly took the job.

It was a chance for me to take my design skills and style in a new direction. Since this was a hip clothing brand I would have to use colors and design elements that fit in with the artist featured on the site. I had to step out of my comfort zone for this one.

I usually design very clean and simple websites that use safe colors. The reason I do this is I usually design blogs which want to reach a wide audience. This means you want to keep things simple, so you don’t scare anyone off with hot pink text on a black background.

With the help of Matt and Brain (the other 1/2 of the brand) I felt that I really created something they and their customers can enjoy visiting. Since WL has a younger audience I was able to get away with using bright vivid colors in the layout. This allowed me to have a lot of fun with my treatment of page titles and the navigation on the site.

I really enjoyed working with these guys, and I plan to continue to improve their site as their needs for the website evolve. Things I could see adding in the future are ecommerce tools so they can sell shirts from the site directly, maybe a better way to organize the band/artist interviews once they get a few more under their belt, and eventually add some dynamic content on the sidebar.

Check out there new site and let me know what you think about it (design wise). Also be sure to check out their store and buy a few shirts. I really enjoy the different styles of each artist they used.

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