I am writing this post for two reasons:

  1. I want to show that just because you have a reading “disability” (I am using quotes because I don’t think Dyslexia is a big deal, it just means you have to do things differently then everyone else) doesn’t mean you should limit yourself.
  2. I don’t see or hear a lot of positive things about Dyslexia and I want to fix that.

Being a Dyslexic blogger does have its challenges since reading and spelling are not my strong points but having it is the reason I excel at it. It’s call the Dyslexic Advantage, a phrase coin by two doctors that study dyslexic children, and it describes the cognitive advantages dyslexic people have. These advantages are in tasks and occupations that require creative problem solving and big picture thinking. Dyslexics also have more drive and motivation to succeed since they have been challenged at every step of their life.

I know this to be true since anytime someone tells me I can’t do something, because I am Dyslexic, I must prove them wrong, like writing. I always enjoyed doing it but more than once in my life was told that I should just give up on it. They told me that people would never be able to read anything written by someone with poor grammar and bed spelling and no editor would take the time to help me.

Well thankfully there are a few nice editors out there and a few 1000 readers that can stand reading posts written by me.

My advantage was I wanted to succeed so I stuck with it. Sure I sometimes write unreadable posts because of never learning proper spelling and grammar. But it’s because I can clearly see the big picture I don’t let that stop me.

I just saw it as a miner set back and started to teach myself those skills buy using my favorite method, the just do it and see what happens method. I do this because my failures just make it easier for me to win the next time I try something. The more I write the faster I learn ways to get better at it. I can’t learn from a book or being lecture too, but I can learn buy just doing it and getting instant feedback, thanks to the internet via comments.

I guess what I am trying to say is, instead of saying “I can’t write and blogging is out of my reach”. I said, “I just going to do it and force myself to learn how to get better at it”.

I hear a lot of people without Dyslexia say they can’t write or they suck at it. I know that to be false, if you like writing and you want to write, then you can be great at it. You just need to do and keep at it. I am no award winning writer but it’s because I write prolifically that I am somewhat okay at it.

Just think what someone could do it they were not dyslexic and they used the same mentality I have. They could be the next bestselling author. But maybe its because they don’t have the Dyslexic Advantage and can’t see their hidden potential.

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3 Responses to Dyslexia made me a Better Blogger

  1. Doug says:

    You go boy.

  2. Darla Hatton says:

    Kudos to you. Keep up the good work. Your creativity, reasoning and global thinking skills will outshine a few spelling or grammar mistakes that may pop up from time to time. Best wishes.

  3. Jan/InSightJK says:

    Love your Attitude! There are so many stereotypes of Dyslexia, which I have as well, along with my Fun ADD… I am an avid reader and excellent speller, so don’t fit THAT stereotype. It’s when I’m reading something complex that I don’t WANT to read, or with numbers that trips me up. Also, found out musical notes switch right before my eyes if I look away even for a nanosecond, which is why I quit playing cello in orchestra. Thirty years later, joined an local community orchestra with a very patient conductor, and found ways to manage it- AND found the JOY again! Mind over Matter, Baby! Making it work FOR you… I LOVE IT!

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