Over the past few years “Pagewaiter” has transformed many times. It started out as the name of my web hosting and design business. Then after the web hosting market got to competitive it trued in to a rarely updated portfolio site. It remained that way with versus designs for most of its life.

After getting a few speaking gigs to talk about blogging, and a few more design jobs. I decided to dust off my old Pagewaiter domain. I needed a place to share my ideas and show off my work. That way when I am talking to a class or a client I have something to refer them too. I used to just give people a list of websites I have done, but that seemed old fashion and out of touch.

Pagewaiter will be the online hub for all things Jason Mosley on the internet. My creations, designs, and services will be housed here. Will this be the final evolution for Pagewaiter? Probably not but we will just have to wait and see.

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  1. Doug says:

    I like this side of Jason Mosley. Very nice. Can’t be fun and games all the time.Something to take our minds off ash clouds and oil slicks.

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